Modelling and Fuzzy Things

Modelling and Fuzzy Things

by maongkeo on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I've recently graduated from an Animation & Visual Effects program. I love all things fuzzy. Grooming is so much fun and is my greatest passion. Working on getting better all the time. My focus is on modelling, texturing, and grooming.

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Gub Gub The Mountain Guardian 

For my latest project, I decided I wanted to learn something new, so I created "Gub Gub" using Xgen hair tools and Arnold. Both of which I'd never used. It was fun figuring out a new work flow. And it all started with this wonderful concept art I drew over a lunch break. 

For some backstory, Gub Gub is a peaceful mountain entity. I was influenced by the gentle, shy, and elusive primates like the Silverback Gorilla and the Golden Snub-Nosed-Monkey with their rad mohawks. 

My workflow for modelling (which was not linear as I learned my mistakes) was basically this:

-Start mesh basic shape in Maya

-Refine in Zbrush (and go wild with concepts)

-Retopologize in Maya and make proper UVs (I learned about UDIMS for this project). I try to make all my character models have the correct topology for animation. 

-Make Separate mesh and UVs for Xgen "scalp"

-Finish details in Zbrush

-Go through the various stages of Xgen

Going through and moving splines was fun! It feels like something you could work on forever. Like with most final steps in my processes, as a final touch I go through all around the work and add asymmetry into the fur so that it looks more natural. The same goes for masking the various modifiers (clump effect, noise, etc). 

Senior Project: Tribute and Ceegee

Tribute The Film was a collaboration between a senior Film Major team and a senior Animation/VFX team. We agreed on a basic concept in the beginning, and from there we tried to work as authentically as possible as if they were a movie production company and we were a studio. 

For the months leading up to my graduation, I'd been working on a fur workflow with Maya and nHair, rendering with Redshift. Besides being the person solely responsible for creating a the texture, hair simulation, and groom of the main character, I also worked with my teammates to advise on the proper lighting and rigging. 

While I didn't create the model for CeeGee, I had other props to work on, mostly ornate frames and gilded ornaments. The objects below were made using Maya and Zbrush. 

I really loved working with this project and I felt that it solidified my obsession with making more and various things fuzzy. 

The WIPs

These are some other projects I'm currently working on or want to continue to improve upon. 

Personal business card. I tried creating hair in Houdini and rendering it as well. 

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