Portfolio Lars Vaernewyck

Portfolio Lars Vaernewyck

Lars Vaernewyck
by vaernewycklars on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My portfolio contains the projects i want to showcase from Digital Arts and Entertainment

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This project was my graduation work. I created a brick generator and a wall generator in a Houdini digital assets. Everything is procedural modeled, textured and unwrapped. For the texturing I used Substance Designer with the Houdini plugin.

The idea of this project was to do various simulations in Houdini while a character was dancing on it. I personally did the last simulation and a part of the compositing. The inspiration of this was project was the movie clip from Major Lazor. The project was filmed in Kortrijk and the simulations are done in Houdini.

Team: Thibaut Van Waeyenbergh, Stan Van Malder, Fabio De Proft

The planar tracking was done in Mocha and the facial tracking was done in PFtrack.

Goal of our project was to add 3D elements in a photo we took. I did the compositing, the camera mapping and the lighting.

Team: Frederic Caeyers and Sarah Roeder

A little simulation in Houdini to finish my rookie entry.

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