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Simple Sandwich

Simple Sandwich

by Kaylee Sharp, Adam Streeter, Austin Roorda, Cameron Belcher, Emmett Friedrichs, Josh Grazda, Karl Lewis, Riley Morrissey, and drabbypage on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Simple Sandwich is a 3D, top down "couch competitive" romp in which up to 4 players take control of a slice of bread with small arms and legs and compete to make the most, and BEST sandwiches as possible before the time runs out!

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Fellow Humans began in January 2019 as a coalition of crazy college kids tasked with making a vertical slice of a game over the course of two months that rocked our professors’ socks off. If your game was good, your team got to stick together and keep working on it. If it didn’t make the cut, your team was disbanded and spread throughout the teams that got to go through. We went through a rapid prototyping phase of creating a game a week, which lead to the creation of Simple Sandwich.

We presented our game to our professors and our peers, and they were immediately drawn in by our charming art and exciting gameplay. Our game made it through the dreaded cuts, and we’ve been improving ever since. Having no real team name prior to the team cuts, we adopted the persona of “Fellow Humans”, an organization of otherworldly beings looking to bring otherworldly gaming experiences to children and adults alike.

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