Patrick Doyle

Patrick Doyle

Patrick Doyle
by patrickdoyle on 16 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Most of what you'll see in my portfolio are challenges to myself. I'll see something in a game or movie and ask, "Can I do something that freaking awesome?" I try, and with every try I not only learn something new, but build on my love for this medium. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you.

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Robert Knepper (T-Bag Character) was a challenge to myself. After seeing a number of amazing, realist, human sculpts in games and film I asked myself, "Can I freaking do that?" No matter what the answer I give myself, I try. This was the result.

Leo "Hoist" Hoit from the Next Rest Stop: Earth universe

Nebu (short for Nebula) from the Next Rest Stop: Earth Universe

Baja Space bug was another challenge to myself after seeing many amazing vehicles created for games.

NOFX on stage: This was created for the 7" album cover competition for the punk band NOFX. The band is open to humor and the quirky.

Adi Mal is  from the Next Rest Stop: Earth Universe. She normally holds human form while on Earth, but shows her true colors while on assignment off-world

Oslo is a secondary character from the Next Rest Stop: Earth Universe

The Castle Tower Lighthouse is the setting for the first book in the Edgar Font's Hunt for a House to Haunt book series for young readers. This was created for a game (still in the works), but is shown here as a walkthrough and promotion for the book series. 

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