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Stop-Motion Animated Short FIlms

Stop-Motion Animated Short FIlms

by avanibabar on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Anda Pvt Ltd is my graduation film that was completed in March, 2019. Tel Maalish is my pre-thesis film which was completed in November, 2018. Both have been made in stop-motion animation with a few segments that were animated digitally.

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A multi-medium animated journey of an egg to a safe space where it is acknowledged as a ‘Life’ instead of merely a commodity.

The egg is a recurring symbol in many creation myths. It represents LIFE, fertility, eternity, hope and purity and has many more positive connotations attached to it. In Hindu mythology the source of creation is said to be 'Hiranyagarbha' which literally translates to 'Golden Womb' or 'Golden Egg'. An egg is a sacred symbol that denotes creation of life. Yet it is merely a commodity in today’s time.

Using the symbol of an egg, I am exploring the theme of Commodification of Life.


An ex-animate old man finds contentment through a surreal journey directed by a powerful memory.

An old man, captain of his ship, is lost in a desert. The lifelessness of the desert, a reflection of himself, vanishes when familiar music starts playing. A precious memory floods back to him and he takes off for on a surreal journey out in the ocean.

The central theme for the film is teleportation through a memory. It is an expression of emotions like lifelessness, nostalgia, hope and contentment.

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