Lowpoly and Styalised Modeling

Lowpoly and Styalised Modeling

Alice Fay
by malicefay on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Various projects over the past few months just teaching myself new skills and techniques to become a better modeler in general and develop myself more as an artist.

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Lowpoly Forest

I was learning how to make my modeling quick and efficient by creating tree after tree, learning how to make the same asset in many different ways. This grew and I eventually made smaller plants, rocks and terrain. I then made a scene in UE4 which includes a fox model from one of my previous projects. 


Recreated Scenes

I remade the scene as a way to get a feel of different lowpoly styles using both soft and hard edges

Asset Sets

These are the plants that I made testing out different styles, some of which got used or could be implemented into future updates of the UE4 scene

Kawaii Shake

This was to learn how to make 2D face animation and relearn how to do rigging

Cirque Du Midnight 

Game level made for the circus challenge, I later did some editing and finished what I was unable to on the tent during the challenge.

Small Projects and Fan Art

Some models made to learn different art styles and to show my ability to copy off of reference materials (includes fan art from Futurama and Aggretsuko)

Winters Vertex

This was to relearn vertex painting in Maya. I was inspired by images of spider lilly and some old work where I used only black and red colours. This like the forest turned into a full scene with a rigged and posed fox, mouse and terrain, all completely vertex panted. 

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