Mikael Andersson - 3D Generalist, with sculpting focus

Mikael Andersson - 3D Generalist, with sculpting focus

Mikael Andersson
by mikaelandersson on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi! My name is Mikael and I study at Gscept Luleå technical university in northern Sweden, I am now finalizing my third and final year and here are some of my better projects :)

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Project scorpion

This is my favorite project so far, it was apart of a Creature Development course this Christmas where our final project was to model, rig, animate, texture, light, track, and composite an insect onto a filmed macro footage provided by our teachers.

I love sculpting, so I focused most of the time making my insect HD and little time on the animation. There are still some improvements to be made such as improving the depth of field and making the SSS more accurate, but overall it was a super fun project.

Also, hope you like general Scorpius as much as I do ;)

Trojhnork - Team project

This was a specialization project where a few of us got together to create a red deer. We teamed up because we all had our own fields that we wanted to specialize more in. I wanted to learn more about mammal anatomy so I handled the sculpting/modeling as well as the snow simulation.

The video is the team's final result and the renders are my personal work from the project.

Ludwig Ek - Rigging/muscle sim

Johan Segelstad - Groom and animation

Martin Norén - Lookdev/lighting

Houdini Tree simulation - WIP

I have been working on a falling tree simulation with snow for a small commercial company in my spare time whilst studying. The video is not out yet, so I cannot show the final result just yet but I can show my progress so far without the plate.

The simulation is procedurally generated from a Speedtree export. I took on the project to further evolve my Houdini skills, and it has been equally frustrating as it has been fun, but I think it was worth it :)

Half res render without snow from side

Three sculpts

Some sculpting projects that turned out alright

Thanks for checking out my entry :D

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