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3D Artist

3D Artist

Tom Keijer
by tomkeijer on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My name is Tom Keijer and I’m a 3D Artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have a passion for creating believable characters, creatures and environments. Also, I love to try out different styles, from realistic to stylized.

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Short Film - Characters

For our short film (in development) I had to honor to create the four main characters. I was responsible for the modeling, texturing, shading, grooming and lighting.


A personal project based on the concept art of the amazing artist: Ryan Lang. I was responsible for all aspects.

Short Film - Environments

The story takes plays in four different locations in old New York City. I was responsible for the set modeling, texturing, shading and lighting.

Personal Projects - W.I.P

A small overview of the side projects I am currently working on. I'm responsible for all aspects.

2D Concepts - Credits

Overview of the 2D concept artists my personal projects are based on.

Artist: Dylan Ekren                                                                                             Artist: Ryan Lang

Artist: Nesskain                                                                                                           Artist: Kofi Ofosu

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