Brynjars Meadhall

Brynjars Meadhall

by bjarke on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Let the feast begin! This Project is an Immersive experience made as a student project by 4 people, as our final undergraduate project. counting post production we had 17 weeks making this. Enjoy!

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We wanted to create contrast in the space. The main hall is maskuline, have agressive shapes and forms, While the backroom is feminine, softly lit, soft shapes and covered in foilage, where in the center, there is an Altar dedicated to Freya

In order to make the environment look as realistic as possible, we had used photogrammertry. Above is an example from an open - Saxon museum. Many assets are from that area. All food in the scene is made with photgrammetry aswell

Artbible highlights -

Daniel - Tech, lighting, and texture artist.

Cameron - Prop artiest.

Shanna - artist.

Bjarke - Lead art, modeller, environment artist.

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 Collaborators: danielhackman cameronth and shanna24601