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Sky Junkers

Sky Junkers

by Daniel Steven, aaronprideaux, jochalmers, michellefedornak, and nnicholas on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Sky Junkers is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer that pays homage to the golden age of games made by Rare, Insomniac and Nintendo.

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Team up with Atlas and his team of motley treasure hunters as they piece together an ancient machine that will guide them to a long lost treasure. Armed with an array of gizmos and gadgets, Atlas has to swing, jump and blast his way through a multitude of levels, collecting the machine’s lost gear-compasses that are scattered across the world.

Concept art

Heroes and NPC's alike help you on your quest.

Sky pirates and dangerous creatures  alike roam the lands both waiting to prey on any unsuspecting traveler. 

Level Design

3D Models

This was the first pass on our hero character, Atlas which was based on an older design.

Title Screen

A mock up of the title screen with a kit bashed ship.


We made a small level with a level kit, so we could show off some of the mechanics.


Character Concepts- Jo Chalmers

Environment design - Patrick Millikan

3D Character Modeler/generalist - Aaron Prideaux

Programmer - Daniel Steven

Rigger/3D Generalist - Natalie Nicholas

Animation/Generalist - Michelle Fedornak

Prop modeler - Gabriel Pehlivanides

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