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Ambre de Casanove
by ambredecasanove on 1 Jun 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

I'm glad to present you my personnal and biggest project called: Orama. I did it during my free time. I let you discover this character and how I have made it.

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I therefore present to you ORAMA which is a somewhat unusual oracle because it is a creature that is half woman, half bat. It had to be universal so I chose several origins for its jewelry: Indian, Mongolian, Kabyle. His tattoos and scarifications are the traces of the numerous rituals that must be performed to achieve this rank of oracle. Furthermore, in order to get closer to men, these creatures must undergo mutilations such as the cutting of their wings of which the membranes under the arms are the only vestiges. Being half-bat she is blind, so to carry out her predictions she screams in her cave and the sounds that come back to her are the echoes of the future.

The sculpting phase was a big moment of reasearch. Here you can see my first attempt, I wasn't really convinced by her face, she wasn't "bat" enough. So I took more references of what a bat look like, especially for the nose and ears.

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