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Tobe! Gundam; The best of Mech and Character

Tobe! Gundam; The best of Mech and Character

Georgia Knight
by georgiaknight1119 on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a collection of the best character and mech design work from over the course of the last year. All the designs are from various projects, such as; Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a personal comic, and original characters with added ideas for Blizzard's: Overwatch.

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The Cat Slasher Mech. Unsuspecting cute and deadly; claws retract in and out of the shell of the mech in an "attack mode" turning what was an unseemingly heart shaped and soft looking machine into something far sharper and fear-bringing. Part of a series of mechs I intend to work on in personal time.

The AR-35 (Ares) Meka; an original character idea for Overwatch. The pilot built the original mech and AI counterpart from scraps and was later given the means to build a new one when enlisted by Overwatch.

Personal Comic character designs; flat colour represents version two of their design phase. These ladies are based of a space age "Valkyrie" that act as a neutral force between what will be a human/alien war over colonisation. 

The Librarian. Capable of sorting through several holographic tapes and books at once, with a sleek aesthetic and recognisable design to help human companions feel more at ease despite her several arms and unsmiling face. 

The Crab Miner (VERSION 1); a vacuum powered research mech named "The Millionth Dollar" piloted by S.H. Eugene. Equipped with a drill, claw and digger, the only place it cannot go is up walls, much to Eugene's distaste.

Mary Shelley's: Frankenstein redesign. Set in a high fantasy, gritty Bloodborne type setting. Frankenstein is a necromancer who abandoned her creation. The monster is an old warrior intent on having his revenge and stopping Frankenstein raising more undead.

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