Zhi Yong's Portfolio

Zhi Yong's Portfolio

by zhiyong on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Doing concept art for games and films have always been my passion. Hope one day I will get to see my design display on the big screen.

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Personal Project: Above US

Worm Kaiju Design

Visualization of Crab Kaiju being attacked by fighter jets

Visualization of Merlion resting

Visualization of Snail Kaiju invading earth

Personal Project: Salvation

The General

The Chaos Eater

The Bright Knight's lair.

The Closer to God's corpse.

Salvation Rock 

Dragon Den 

Personal Work

Observer Mech

Tree Spirit Queen design

Tree Spirit Queen's Lair

The DNA Experiment

The Boss Level Layout

Alien Hybrid Design

Why the long face

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