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Creature and Character Artist - DU

Creature and Character Artist - DU

Diana Ulloa
by rotblush on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello! I'm Diana, a character and creature 3D artist with a passion for storytelling through movement and visuals. I will show you here my most recent work focused on characters/creatures since December 2018.

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This is a character I worked on for my school graduate demo reel. I joined a group of my classmates to create a group demo reel based on a theme. We chose realistic sci fi and was tasked with creating the villain for the project.

I used David Iglesias Martinez's concept Alien Guy ( for this project.

Final render using Marmoset and Compositing in Photoshop.

Action pose used for the final render. Rendered inside UE4.

As for my personal projects. I have been working for about a month on this stylized character, based on an illustration from Trudy Castle's character: Marble (

I wanted to make a 3D version of this illustration and render it in Unreal Engine 4. Still a work in progress for the time being.

In this one, I'm working on the lighting inside UE4 vs what I would like to achieve for the final render.

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