Start of A New Chapter

Start of A New Chapter

by yangzhoa on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi, I'm here to share the work that I've been working on up until now. I like to draw, and there is nothing going to stop me from doing so.

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Wild Heist

A personal project that is aiming towards 3D co-op shooter or 3D animation. The idea of this concept is to make the character super funky and fun, whether it is the color or the look of the whole character so that the characters can have more personality in it.

This concept is about five animals ganged up and trying to rob the bank. Each of the characters has their own unique role, weapon, and abilities. Leading by their boss, the miniature horse, they act fast, taking down securities and take their bounties.

Defiance: A New Beginning

Another personal project that is aiming towards AAA games. The whole concept was using hyper-realistic finishing.

This concept is about in the future world, the people are kept prisoners by the rich to act as fighters to entertain themselves. The protagonist was unhappy about that and tries to fight back and take down the whole place in order to free all the prisoners. 

Simeon and The Magical Guitar

Yet another personal project that is aiming towards 3D animation. The design of every character and props are heavily focus on shape languages since I wanted to make the character memorable.

This concept is a fantasy story about a kid needed to collect all three sacred items to bring peace and happiness back to the world again.


My part of work for a group project that is aiming towards a movie.

This concept is about in the sci-fi world, people were highly relying on augmented reality (AR). Their vision is blocked by AR which causing them to think they are living in a utopia. When the protagonist found out the truth, he teamed up with a group of rebellions in order to stop the company behind all this.

Matte Paintings

Other Artworks

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