Yifan Sun Portfolio

Yifan Sun Portfolio

Yifan Sun
by yifsun on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is my best work in 2019 portfolio as a motion designer and animator.

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#1 Annecy Animation Film Festival Opening Sequence


Phenakistoscope is the first widespread animation device. I utilized the form of phenakistoscope to combine the natural scenery of Annecy and Japanese culture.

Style Frames

#2 Find Your Water

The audio track of this kinetic typography project is from a short video directed by Tobi Schnorpfeil. The script is so inspiring and I try to use the motion of typography to express the content.

Motion Design/Animation: Yifan Sun

Writer: Micha Kunze

Voice: Buzz Blackburn

Music: JMcomposing

#3 Patrick Melrose Title Sequence

Patrick Melrose is a TV series from Showtime. It's a story about a man from a highly dysfunctional upper-class English family. His father was a very abusive man, and his mother put up with his behavior. Eventually, his childhood led him down a path into heroin addiction and alcoholism.


Lizard is an important element in the show which is to symbolize the main character's loneliness and also being a witness of his painful childhood. Colorful walls are to show the tone of the show, which is depressive but also humourous.

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