Sergi Iranzo Avalos
by sergiranzo on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Kyrgyz, is the term in the Eurasian Steppe used for those who hunt with birds of pray. (referencing at the rider that we see in the image).

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This year's entry; I started with a main piece done for this particular contest. The rest is personal development from my latest months (I try to be as broad as possible).

I am looking forward to continue growing in this field. I ts been quite an amazing  journey. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as i do. Thanks for being such a wonderful community :D


This projects started with a basic modelling of the castle in 3D Coat (really fun BTW, I totally recommend it). Later on, I brought the mesh into Modo, so I could get a better lighting and shot to work with.

Once I was happy with the composition I moved into Photoshop; Starting by applying some base tone, and trying to get rid of the 3D look (something that I don't really understand how to do yet). 

I slowly built it up,  and tried to bring the image together. I found that really small detail helped get rid of the 3Dness. I also ended up flipping the composition, it read better to me; I guess is our  "reading from left to right" mindset.

Details like the city, the boats or the raider came later, although i though of them before starting the model of the castle, specially the rider. I though t hat a less intimate shot showing a grander scale would have the certain feeling I was intending for.

Some of the Doodles and studies I have been trying to produce in daily bases. Looking forward to start the #dailypaintingchallenge!!

A spaceship development after reading some news about arctic research stations(that's where I got the idea of the design).

Starting to implement 3D in my pieces. (like the one presented for this submission. It is something I still have to work on tho...)

after a Nick Gindraux tutorial, trying to bring that 3D and painting together

Market scene. Hollow rocks forming alleys and streets. Houses built within the rocks; followed by the design of a main infrastructure and some exploration.

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