Environment Art

Environment Art

Sybren Verheij
by sybren on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Environment art projects.

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UE4 Old West Mining Factory

I created this scene in Unreal Engine 4 with the use of the Soul City assets from the Unreal marketplace, some Megascans and combining the RezTech studios landscape material from the Unreal marketplace with World Machine and Megascans to get highly optimized quality landscape detail and procedural grass placement.

UE4 ArchViz Scene

My focus with this scene was interior composition and baked lighting in UE4.

I set up the scene in UE4 with models from the evermotion website by 'QBAP', 'WIESEMAN' & 'VITALADISCO'. The materials are mainly starter content from UE4, with the exception of the sofa material, which I created with Substance Designer.

UE4 Project: Soulgate

A game project I worked on for 10 weeks with 4 others.

A quick overview of the work I did during these 10 weeks:

All meshes for dressing the environment (design, modeling, unwrapping & texturing).
All the decals.
The Substance Designer materials & trim textures.
Most of the level design and level dressing.
The mountains in the background.
The lighting.
Poster page.
I also created the trailer and the music.

You can download the demo here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dqtg9jyfryiao1b/Soulgate%20build%20V1.0.rar?dl=0


Gameplay Programmer - Kiam Vandendriessche
AI Programmer - Leander Simonart
Environment Artist - Sybren Verheij < (me)
Character Artist - Alexander Plettinx
Technical Artist - Brent Van Handenhove

UE4 Modular Level

I started this level with a BSP block-out in UE4 to get a good gameplay first.

I then created a master material for the floor and created some basic meshes in 3ds Max to get a basic feel for how I wanted it to look. The next step I took was to create a trim texture that can be used with the master material with the use of a few grey-packed textures that act as a mask for the dirt, stains, scratches, and those multiplied with a mask for the edges to get more localization there. I then started with making more detailed meshes and applying the trim texture to them, which I then placed all around my level.

The last thing I did to make it a bit more appealing was to create some water around it all so I began creating a shader for the water: eventually I ended up with 2 material functions for the overlapping and deformation of the water and in the water master material generated the foam by using mesh distance fields.

The guns & health packs were made by Epic Games.

[WIP] UE4 Project Noxus

This is a project I am currently working on. For more progress:

I got inspired to create this
https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gY8XL gorgeous concept art piece from Gabriel Yeganyan made for League of Legends in 3D.

For more detailed breakdowns, check out my portfolio at

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