Character Design-workflow by Pamela Łuniewska

Character Design-workflow by Pamela Łuniewska

Pamela Łuniewska
by pamelson on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My personal project which I created to learn new softwares and my own workflow.

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Character designs-workflow

Character designs I created during last year and process for each of them. All kind of notes and storyline were made directly on arts. 

Reiki Brief: One character design based on Yokai, japan local legend and myths. Create story and examples of attacks.

I decided that 3d will be really big part of my process already at the beggining of my education. Since then still learn new softwares and rendering techniques, just to improve my skills and maximize the visual effect of my arts. It gives me a lot of chances to experiment with diffirent kind of cloth materials, poses and even gives me opportunity to check various compositions. And of course it helps me to save my time and make my artworks more believable. 

Child Brief: One merchant character connected with animal. Create story and show relashionship between them.

Geisha Brief: One character strongly connected with ghost/spirit. 

Half a year ago I also started to use Marvelous Designer and even try to create my own textures, here the example I made for Geisha:

Wanderer Brief: One healer character, her knowledge based on on natural and traditional med. Collects herbs while travelling.

And last artwork is the oldest one to show you my progress since all that months. 

Prophet Brief: One character from missing civilization. Coexists with demon/ mystical beasts.

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