Tristan Girard
by drizztan on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Harvest is my graduation project at New3dge artschool (2017-2018). On this project, I worked on the environment. From concept to integration in UE4, through the modeling and texturing. I also worked on the light and tech (Shader, BP, ...)

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Once upon a time, an ancestral Lich wanted to use the souls of human beins to increase its power. Liches are very dangerous and evil sorcerer, they hide their soul in a small items like amulet or gemstone, also called phylactery.

To destroy Lich's phylactery, that is the main goal of our Heroe - Umbra, a thief from poor neighborhood send to protect the world from evil.

The Library is the main environment I worked on, the Lich's phylactery is hide inside of it. This room is very important for her, it contains all of her knowledge and a part of her power.

I worked on the environment (Concept, Modeling high/low rez, Texturing, Integration, Lighting), I worked on the tech of the project too. I did everything you will see in the library.

So, here is a small video that show the library and some shaders I made for the project. At the end, there is a short part of gameplay.

Here is the final trailer of the project. Enjoy the video.

I would like to thank my teammates and friends,

Solene Tremblay: https://www.artstation.com/solenita

and Nicolas Girou: https://www.artstation.com/achelus

as well as the whole New3Dge pedagogical team : https://www.new3dge.com/

I hope you enjoyed the project, because we did! Thank you for watching.

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