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Fwd: A Game Environment

Fwd: A Game Environment

An Phung
by anphung on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Fwd (Forward) is my capstone project in the Digital Animation & Game Design program at Ferris State University. It's a 3d interior environment of a 3-story building with each floor a different time period. 1st floor is a Victorian living room, 2nd is a modern, minimalist bathroom, 3rd is a futuristic, sci-fi bedroom.

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The playable package is available here:

The theme is "Keep moving forward", showing progression and differences in design, style, and technology as time goes. My first-semester final project which was ~3.5 years ago, had the same theme, but instead of interior design, its core was vehicles. You can see it here:

I used the medium-poly with custom normals + trim/ decals + tiling textures workflow for all the assets. 

Textures were created in Substance Designer.

I can't put 360 images here. But they can be found on my Artstation post:

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