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Adrian Malfatti - Concept Art

Adrian Malfatti - Concept Art

by adrianmalfatti on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi ! Here is my entrie with environment concept art I made during my last year of my animation/game's studies.

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Personal Work
Serie of sci-fi concepts

I tryed here a new workflow with 3D to achieve a cinematographic and and photorealist goal with a minimum of time. I started to make simple 3D base scene with good composition and lighting intention (in maya or zbrush for the character) and then paintover, and also use photo textures.

OKTAI - Game Project

This visuals were for a game named Oktaï, which I made with a team during my game studies.
During the pre production I made a lot of visuals, key art, and concepts to help my team to visualize the art direction I choiced.

ENCODE - VR game Project

Here are concepts and key arts I made for the second game (VR game) I realized with my school team during six month.

As concept artist for my team I haved to create a underwater world with art deco theme with a touch of magic and virtual because our story speak about a man immersed in his dreams, materialized in a virtual world, who became an escape game after beeing hacked !

For rooms concepts, I used a 3D base which has saved us a lot of time to give rapidely a visuals ideas

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