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3D Environments

3D Environments

Matthias Kimpe
by maakii on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello dear people, thank you for taking the time to view some of my work that I made over the last year. As a former architect, game 3D environments have become my strength and my passion. I've seem myself grow from a rookie to a bit more experienced rookie that is still growing and eager to learn.

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Wack A Peasant Environment

The environment of a very small game that I made in Unreal Engine 4. A game where you control the king or queen and where you have to get your population back in check by hitting them with a cooking pan and stealing their money, (talking about being corrupt). 

Everything from the environments is modeled by myself, and with a result that I am extremely happy about.

Forest Ruins

Little forest scene that I did in Unreal Engine. I made the ruins props myself and textured them with my first ever Substance Designer material, a simple white, yellow-ish marble. This was more on how I could play with lighting and how to make a good and nice looking composition.

Foliage, rocks and animal props from several asset packs found on the unreal marketplace.


Back in school we had gotten an assignment to create a Unreal Tournament level. This was the very first time for me working with a game engine and since I was still new to this, I went a little overboard with the lighting. I don't have a clear focal point as I just wanted to have a decently lit scene, that I forgot about it in the process. 

However, even if this is one of my "lesser" works, I learned a lot about lighting because of it and that's why it deserves a place up on this wall.


With this small archviz I was a little homesick (pun intended) as it were, back to my time in architecture, so this is a little homage to my previous education.

Grandfathers hallway (heavy) WIP

This is still a heavy WIP and a personal project of mine to teach myself to think less as an architect and more as a game designer. I tried to go for a smaller scope project in which I tried to create everything from scratch, and I wanted to show with this how far I've grown already.

There are still some textures missing and some things that are in need of change and/or are placeholders, like the armoire which is just a random mesh that I made (with bad textures). Chair and the books are not mine and still need to be replaced for my own work

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