R.O.S.T. Robot Operated Salvage Team

R.O.S.T. Robot Operated Salvage Team

Frerk Guentzler
by Alex Hahn, Frerk Guentzler, Irma Frank, Lars Ruth, Nhung Hong Hoang, Patrizia Eisengräber, and frerkguentzler on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

R.O.S.T. is a 2nd semester project from six student of the Games Academy Frankfurt (Germany) and was completed within four month. Our goal was to create a humorous Couch Co-Op Twin-Stick shooter.

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Due to the short time frame we had to think ahead and plan our workflows and pipelines to be able to create as many assets as possible in a short time. Because of this we relied heavily on modular assets workflow and rapid prototyping. 

This modularity was also one of the keystones of our game and level design. This allowed us to quickly iterate to optimize the player flow and gameplay.  


The team started as a seven man team with the ambitious goal to create a Co-Op Twin-Stick shooter which combines the fast gameplay of Helldivers, the RPG elements of Jagged Alliance with random generated levels. 
We started with one Producer, one Programmer, one Game Designer and four Artists. Shortly after the start of the project the Game Designer left the project and we were forced to reduce the game design goals. This included the removal of the RPG elements and the random generated levels. 
Another challenge was that many of us didn't had much experience in 3D art, which lead to a very steep learning curve and a lot of additional work hours. 

Artists and their responsibilities:

Irma Frank - Character Art, Cinematic 

Patrizia Eisengräber - Tech Animation, Level Art

Nhung Hong Hoang - UI Design & Art, Animation

Frerk Guentzler - Environment Art

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