Fareed Nagy - Character/Creature Portfolio

Fareed Nagy - Character/Creature Portfolio

Fareed Nagy William
by nivle on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A compilation of my last 3 projects.

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Stonehide Kaiju

My first entry, Stonehide Kaiju, Inspired by the Leatherback Kaiju from Pacific Rim, All Detail were hand sculpted from ground up, took me approximately 4 month from concept (and alot of iterations later) to render.

Alien Photoshoot

For my second entry, Alien Photoshoot, i started this aiming for a quick anatomy study, but i ended co-opting one of my earlier creature concepts and this happened

Wyvern concept

as for the 3rd entry, a Wyvern conceptual piece, most of the work went into the concepting/iterative process, and tried to keep the detail work to a minimum. 

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