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Tanner Hartman - 3D Weapon & Prop Artist

Tanner Hartman - 3D Weapon & Prop Artist

Tanner Hartman
by htannerhartman on 13 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

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"Whisper in the Wind" Combination Long Rifle

I love multipurpose weapons and things that lock together to create something new. Working on the Shogunate ArtStation Challenge, I thought it would be a fun idea to try and connect all 3 of my props together to create a single item/tool. After many concepts and iterations on the idea, I arrived at this final design. The sheath of the cane sword has an internal barrel that has a "key hole" locking mechanism that attaches to the end of the pistol. The scope can snap onto the "extended barrel" of the rifle with bronze terry clips as well as having a bronze cross hair that is concealed within the cap of the scope.

Arquebus Matchlock Pistol

The ornamentation tells the story; the Emperor is protected by the Tokugawa as depicted by the imperial seal on the handle. The wielder, who is part of the Tokugawa clan, shields and protects the Emperor by gripping the handle. The Tokugawa seal engraved on the barrel is in front of the Imperial seal, representing the line of defense the Tokugawa holds for the Emperor as well as the military influence the clan possesses. The clouds on the barrel represent the higher power of the Emperor and how close the Emperor holds the Tokugawa to himself. Finally, the cherry blossoms, representing the many journeys the Emperor sends the wielder on.

Papier-Mache Telescope

The design is based on reference material authentic to the time period (Edo). 

Zatoichi Hidden Cane Sword

The design is based off an original concept I had made for the challenge, inspired by the original Zatoichi Cane Sword.

Original Concepts/Concept Exploration

Winchester M1873 "Blanket Gun"

This piece is inspired by the 17th century, Native American Blanket Gun. I had previously found an image of a "condensed" version of the rifle in the form of "Mare's Leg" from the film "Wanted: Dead or Alive". I wanted to create a gun that instantly transported you to the west while also giving it a sense of history, story, and prior use. The "Blanket Gun" concept fits very well with what I wanted to accomplish so it was very easy to start concepting right away. I went through many iterations before settling with the final design. 

Original Concepts/Concept Exploration

Modified PPSH 41 w/ Attachments

Original Concept/Concept Exploration

Worn Notebook

The goal of this project was to create a photo-realistic prop. I decided to go with a notebook so I didn't have to focus too much on the geometry as much as the detail and quality of the textures.

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