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Nicolas GRONDIN 2019

Nicolas GRONDIN 2019

Nicolas Grondin
by Baptiste HERVOUET, BenjaminFrancois, CamilleDiDio, Coline CESAR, Maxime LE CHAPELAIN, NicolasGrondin, and audreyrioux on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Portfolio of 5 projects made during the last 3 years in ESMA Nantes including one personnal project.(Théodule's Journey character is from ESMA film "Le Phare")

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ZIP is a short film that I made during my 3rd year at ESMA with Camille DI DIO, Audrey RIOUX, Coline CESAR and Benjamin FRANÇOIS.

I am responsible for Concept Arts, R&D, Compositing and 2D Visual Effects.

Breakdown shot 2

All Design are made by Benjamin FRANÇOIS

She Shines is tribute to the Transistor game by Supergiantgames !

Transistor is one of those amazing games for their artistic direction, story and music that motivated me to make a tribute !

This is a fake opening for the Transistor series, all the names in the video are the game's development team.

The song She Shines used is from the game and features Ashley Barrett.

I am responsible for all aspects.

Wander is my first personal project since my first year at ESMA!

37 seconds of animation with my bug. For this summer project, Maxime Le Chapelain did the animation.

Théodule's Journey is 10 secondes of animation with the basic speach about a character interacting with a building.
The production was made with Baptise HERVOUET in 2 weeks for our final exam in second year at ESMA. For this one, I was responsible for Concept Art, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing and R&D.

Game Boy Timelapse made during my second year at ESMA !

Musics : opening Pokémon Yellow and Kanto Symphony

The following pictures are still life. i am responsible for all aspects.

Jak and Daxter (2001 video game by Naughty Dog)

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