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Jansen McCord | 3D Generalist

Jansen McCord | 3D Generalist

Jansen McCord
by jansenem on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A breakdown of my 3D work from the last year. Featuring modelling, texturing & lookdev, with additional rigging and animation.

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I was challenged to create an integral character asset for my team's collaborative film project, a stylised blue Monarch Butterfly. 

I was responsible for all but the groom and rig.

I was also responsible for the film's main environment, and contributed to the animation for some shots. Further details can be seen in the following video's annotations.


I was given the opportunity to contribute to another short film this year, providing asset assembly, texture and lookdev work for this interplanetary gate. Figuring out the space-defying portal interior was very satisfying!


As a collaboration with three friends, I revamped a previous piece of work inspired by a childhood game in order to bring it to life in a real setting.

I was responsible for all CG aspects except for the lighting and compositing. I tried to explore some areas I hadn't tackled before, such as simulated flesh on the injured leg, interaction with leaves on the ground, and an iris rig which dilates and contracts with the rotation of an HDRI.

Thank you for reading! You can find a closer look at some more of my work at

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