Broken Ritual

Broken Ritual

by reqgie on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

'Years ago a blood magic ritual ended in destruction. The foul magic conjured in that moment remains here to this day, somehow holding the structure in those last moments of its life and diving away those curious enough to enter.' An environment inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition, my take on an ancient temple ruin.

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The assets I created for this project. All assets made by me apart from the shrub and dead tree were from Unreal's Kite demo, the landscape material was made with brushify with custom landscape materials made within SD and the skeleton was an anatomy tool I UVed and textured.

The above showcases the Highpoly sculpt of my Altar, my process from quick blockout in Maya to rock in Zbrush, some of my more intricate props for the scene (Highpoly in Maya) and the modular process of my geometric trim made in Maya.

The above showcases one of my brick materials, the rig for the floating rubble (with one bone skinned to each piece of rubble), my sand on upwards facing vertex/detail normal UE4 material and my vertex painting material for the upper and lower floor tiles.

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