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3D Artist Portfolio (first year)

3D Artist Portfolio (first year)

Mateo Gretter
by MateoGretter on 3 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

My submission for the Rookie Awards 2024 consist in the best of what I have done as a student on PlaygroundSquad. Currently I'm on my first year and I had the fun of my life creating this and I'm incredibly happy to share it in the Rookie Awards!!!

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The Werebat

This is my first personal project as a first year student in PlaygroundSquad and  I had 1 month to finish it.

I wanted a big challenge to push myself and grow, so I decided to make a 3d version of one of my favourite concept arts from Justin Gerard, "The Werebat"

The big challenges were in fact:

-Justin Gerard Complex and beautiful way of texturing and rendering materials. This could only be resolved in a good way by hand painting carefully after and while studying Justin Gerard's strokes and handwork.

-Complexity of anatomy of the character, as well as the posing. This prove a very difficult yet gratifying test. I had to use a lot of imagining to understand the proportions, convert it into a 3D sculpture. As well, all of the hidden parts were made after understanding the ones that are on sight.

Original concept art by Justin Gerard

his Artstation ->

I used a 1k texture for the hair system, this was my first time using hair cards, and it was a total blast, very fun to use and it gave me a lot of freedom.

For the feather I used a 524k texture, intelligently cutting the feather in half twice so I would save space. I have great fun in optimizing and making things efficient.

I decided to use 2 texture sets of 2k each as It gave me more detail to get the strokes right.

I Mirrored a lot of things like the ears, eyes, legs, claws in between others. I made sure to use plenty of space for the parts of the model meant to be showcased in the beauty shot. But I intentionally scaled down the shells in areas where viewers aren't supposed to look.

I hand painted in Substance 3d Painter, almost everything by hand, a process that I can do very fast and it gives me more control of where do I want the details. I needed that control to really catch the essence of the original concept art.

At the same time, I learned a lot of things while I was doing it. As I said before, this was my first time and It was a constant learning process on color theory, stroke placement and replication of the Original Justin's piece.

Crustacean decorated cannon

Bronze cannon I did in two weeks as a part of a student project, and inspired on a visit I did to the Vasa Museum.

I saw a lot of cool textures and materials displayed in a lot of old objects that were submerged in the sea for a long time. 

In this project I wanted to do a Cannon that is decorated with different types of crustacean creatures


References board with pictures that I took in my visit to the Vasa Museum.
Taking my own pictures for referenced proved to be incredibly useful, motivating and fun!

Texture setup in substance painting. using a lot of useful techniques to make my high poly bake worth it.

process of high poly, first textures blockout, and final

Stylized Lion

This is the first sculpt that I did as a Student in PlaygroundSquad, It took me a day to finish it and it was a very important study that helped me when I had to do the Werebat.

original concept art by Hicham Habchi

Thanks for your time!

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