The Fall - Short Film

The Fall - Short Film

by maximerecuyer on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

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The first project we worked on with my crew for 2 months.

I started the project by modelising the assets that we couldn't download. Then I started working on the small explosions in the sky, to finally deal with the special effects in the crash scene whether it was compositing, integration and calibration.

It was a really cool project and i learned so much with them all ! Big thanks to my team:  

David Bruyere - [email protected]

Eleonore Balgerie - [email protected]

Leia Peron - [email protected]

Robin AndrĂ©-Bourguignon - [email protected]

Romain Euvrard - [email protected]

Maxime Recuyer - [email protected]

and the New3dge staff !

Sound credit:

Montage son & Sound Design : Fabien Crousillac

Musique : Anthony D'amario

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 Collaborators: davidesonsac robinadrb and euvrardromain