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Lucian Stroiny
by lucim197 on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My name is Stroiny Lucian and I am self-taught.I want to work in the game industry as a 3D modeler after my graduation, so I started to improve my skills as an environment/technical artist and i want to showcase my work.

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Classroom - still in progress but i wanted to put it here. I have been working on this scene in Unreal Engine. I'm trying to improve my knowledge about 3D environments in a games (I want to practice more on lighting, color, composition, workflow, storytelling etc) and this project it's a big step for me.

Process view, Substance Designer Graph, Houdini Graph, references in PureRef:

Brooklyn - Proceudral in Houdini

My main goal with this project was to create a city scene in a procedural workflow, so it would be easy to make new iterations on that. I had no idea what I will do, but I love New York/ Brooklyn buildings and I thought it would be a challenge to create them procedurally. 

Some variations of the models used in the scene (such as doors/ windows/ stairs/ ornaments/ escape fire etc.) was made in 3Ds Max and imported in Houdini.

For the tileable materials, I used Substance Designer to create variations of materials in a short time. Substance Designer is also node-based and has a procedural workflow like Houdini so the entire project was made using similar concepts.

Desert LowPoly - Unreal Engine

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