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Sean Gardner- 3D Generalist  2019

Sean Gardner- 3D Generalist 2019

Sean Gardner
by seangardner00 on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My best work from the past year at Gnomon. I've learned a great deal in that time and hope to become even better with my next work.

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Final Submission for Texture and Shading 2 at Gnomon. Special thanks to my professor Robby Branham for helping streamline my workflow and getting me to understand the importance of Look Development.

Breakdown video made in Adobe After Effects.

Final Submission for Hard Surface Modeling 2 at Gnomon. Thanks my professor Gurmukh Bhasin who showed me how to be a more efficient modeler. Special thanks to my brother Jason Gardner with helping create the woman next to the car.

Tokyo Drift inspired Music Video. Created using Nuke and After Effects. 

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