2018-2019 Portfolio

2018-2019 Portfolio

Víctor Gorgé Sorribes
by victorgs on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

These are the last four projects I have created from the end of 2018 to now.

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Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

This was modeled entirely in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. The renders were made using Arnold.

I created this scene inspired by the japanese anime 'Initial D'. After watching the series I fell in love with the car and desperately wanted to make it in 3D.

This project helped me have a deeper understanding on how Substance Painter works and enabled me to create a sort of workflow to follow in future projects. I also had the chance to practice with different lighting combinations using Arnold to achieve the result I wanted, learning a lot in the process.


This time I wanted to recreate the moon shuttle that appears in '2001: A Space Odyssey', by Stanley Kubrick. The first composition is a recreation of a scene in the movie.

I am a huge fan of Kubrick's work and sci-fi in general, something that kept me motivated while working on the project. I also wanted to try different things with my modeling techniques, especially boolean operations and the proper mesh cleanup that comes after those.

I took the opportunity to rig the spacecraft's landing gear using some basic stuff like parenting and aim constraints.

I'm pretty happy with the result overall, and doing this has made me take a deeper interest in hard surface modeling for robotics, spacecraft and sci-fi stuff. 

Lonesome Cottage

An old cabin lost in the pine forests, probably home to a lone hunter at the end of the 19th century.

I was heavily inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Wild West contest on Artstation, in which I did not have the opportunity to participate, so I thought I owed it to myself.

This was a very fun project that really expanded my abilities on modeling, texturing and lighting. I took this chance to use Redshift because of it's amazing results in very little time and managed to achieve a pretty realistic look. I also learned quite a bit about nCloth and Xgen simulations when creating the rug, the table cover and some other details. SpeedTree was used to create some pine trees for the exterior view.

I created every prop from scratch using reference photos from the era and tried to stay true to history.

Remington New Army 1858

This is a small project I wanted to make to get used to Marmoset and it's many possibilites when rendering props to create more appealing model showcases for my portfolio.

The model itself is one of the many I had in mind. There's nothing particular about it, but as I've been really into history recently I wanted to create an iconic weapon of the American Civil War period. Another reason why I chose this weapon is because of the many curves and complicated forms it presents, which I found interesting.

I tried to maintain the lowest polycount possible while retaining the form, since I wanted this to be a game-ready model. I even created the moving parts just in case it needs to be animated.

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