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Nadia Harris Portfolio

Nadia Harris Portfolio

by nadiaharrisofficial on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Motion Media created an opportunity for me to combine all my artistic interests in to one. I generally specialize in Concept Development and Research, 2D Animation, Live Action, Video Editing, and Typography. I recently gained a new love for 3D modeling, but what I love to do most or come back to is visual music.

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As a motion media artist, I specialize in Typography, Concept Design and Research Development, Live Action. 2D Animation, Video Editing, and light 3D modeling and animation. 

OFF WHITE Digital Ad

Objective: Create a Digital Advertisement, including social platform versions such as the square and vertical formats, that encompass and brand's identity. 

Concept: Off-White inspires one to be different and stand out, to be unique and not to conform to conventional standards. It is youthful, chic, and modern.

I wanted to focus on the unique aspect of Off-White as a streetwear brand and fashion company. I wanted to use the simplicity of the brand's color while incorporating some of the personal style and ideology of its owner, Virgil Abloh. Virgil Abloh, outside of being a fashion designer, is also a DJ. So I spent time listening to his music and watching a few interviews on what his own ideas of fashion, identity, and style direction was for Off-White. I wanted to incorporate those aspects into the animation. His views influenced the editing direction and music choice. I researched products, watched fashion shows, looked at model photography, and immersed myself in the brand to make sure that the end product was truly reflective of what Off-White represents.  My initial direction had been more product based and designed to show off merchandise. After some trial and error, my initial idea no longer felt right. After doing some more research on the brand and Virgil Abloh, as mentioned, I decided that I would focus more on the brand's identity than its merchandise, which turned out to be a much easier direction. It allowed me to focus on the brand's character than what it had to offer. 

‚Äčmusic cr: Alasen - Abyss

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