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Dents l'temps

Dents l'temps

Dents l'temps is a short film made by 22 students from the NAD UQAC School for the final year of their bachelor's degree. The film is an original Canadian tale telling the story of resourceful beavers resiting the invasion of their lands

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In an era when beavers held dominion over the lands of Quebec, invaders from distant shores made their arrival, enforcing their edict and forbidding all things sugary. Employing their ingenuity, the beavers found themselves compelled to adapt, bequeathing us with a heritage that continues to grace our lives to this day.

An english version is currently in the making !

The film was entirely made with a full USD pipeline. The team was therefore able to work in parallel work, improving the film each month to get to the final result. 

'Dents l'temps' is a short film made by a team of 22 students from the NAD UQAC school (school of animation, and digital design) in Montreal. The two students who directed the film wanted to tell an original Canadian story by using the local culture to create a fantasy world. The team also included an external producer, a professional narrator and was supervised by a NAD teacher.

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