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The Landing

The Landing

Luciano La Porta
by lucianolaporta on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

The Landing paradoxically represents the end of a project. It expresses that moment when, once you are ready to bring a new design element to market, you have to find the key to communicate it to the public. In this case a "simple" everyday object: a lamp. Thesis project from November 2022 made in AANT (Italy)

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The Landing is composed of storytelling where it places the protagonist element in three distinct contexts: "Revelation," the animation's opening, where the object is hidden under a veil, leaving only glimpses of light glyphs and then revealed in full automotive style; accompanied by an enveloping and evocative soundtrack we then move to closeups of the lamp in such a way as to show its distinctive features. 

In "Revelation", the combination of an aseptic environment along with a scenic composition that tends to be symmetrical attempt to capture the viewer's attention and then catapult them into a completely antagonistic environment.

The middle part of the animation takes the title of the work, "TheLanding", where a group of soldiers head out on an advance to a mysterious unidentified object that has crashed near a mountain; subdivided into four micro-sequences, we encounter within an environment formed mostly of pristine nature, inspired by the remotest parts of Iceland, consisting of anthrax-colored rock walls covered in patches with dense ecosystems of lichens and mosses, a palette typical of Icelandic volcanic areas. All of this is made evocative and mysterious by the careful and strategic inclusion of mists and haze, leaving the viewer to imagine what lies beyond the boundaries dictated by the vantage point. In this context, the lamp takes on the role of the unknown object until its revelation, where it will then be shown, from the inside, a completely twisted scifi design.

To conclude, "Golden Room", closing the animation, where the viewer's attention is completely renewed with an emotional proposition of warm coloring and peaceful ambience. In fact, we find ourselves inside a modern living environment, detailed with futuristic elements, where the typical lighting of a golden hour is introduced, so as to return the viewer to a feeling of coming home after a storm of events.


One of the key and most time-consuming frames 





For reasons related to computing power, the project was done in full hd

Thank you for taking a look at this project.

- llP

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