JOSHUA BRENTON - Concept Art 2019

JOSHUA BRENTON - Concept Art 2019

Joshua Brenton
by joshuabrenton on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of work I have done this year, with a few personal pieces thrown in. Student at CG Spectrum - Concept Art

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A post-apocalyptic world, a once deer only disease has spread across species and made something far worse...

- End of term one work

[BRIEF: - Human cross animal creature. -TV or Movie -]

After experimenting with different animals I decided to go with deer, and after further research I discovered a real disease (Chronic Wasting Disease)  which I thought would be perfect as a more grounded way of mixing animal and human. CWD also meant I could play around with the idea of zombies and infections without getting too unrealistic and therefore less impactful, chilling. 


Story plot: A man goes into the woods to never be seen again. A once clean river for drinking is now contaminated with human blood, and when a CWD deer has a  drink... a new deadly infection begins.  as the infection spreads, deer become more aggressive just like CWD deer but now they will attack, and live longer in a diseased state until it kills them. the infection spreads fast when humans pick up the very infection they caused. The only hope now is for a group of survivors, to go deep into deer land and find a newborn deer. When a fawn is born from a CWD deer, they aren't yet in an infected state until contact with other deer later on, but they do still carry the Disease. The only way to maybe find a cure is to find this deer and take a sample, but it won't be easy.


[BRIEF: - Medievil / Fantasy warrior character - Human -]

FINAL: A brute, from a clan of like minded warriors. These guys have a code, they follow the rules. it's just that those rules can be summed up with - Raid and pillage anyone and anything that ain't us.


Work I did early on into my course this year.

[BRIEF: - Human - Realistic - Sword or knife]

A few personal pieces...

A mans mind wiped and his body cloned, is anymore home? / He looks like a savage, but something isn't right.. / Cyberpunk man, everything's unknown. 


- Work In Progress -

[BRIEF: Video Game, Young adult - Adult, Science fiction, Far Future, Spaceship Wreck on undiscovered planet, New humanoid species - Experiment, Adult (fully grown), Large - Athletic, Strong - resilient - can regenerate, Gun natural body armour, curious - protective, organic metal flesh.

I choose the two concepts I liked most and developed them, plus a mix of them both.

This is where I currently am on this project, I hope to fully flesh out my character and the world they exist in.

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for clicking

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