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Zachary Allen - Environment Art / Prop Art Work

Zachary Allen - Environment Art / Prop Art Work

Zachary Peter Allen
by zpallen on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Presented are a few of my best projects from the past 12 months. I have included some work for my university projects, as well as personal projects.

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Prop Work and Environment Art for AVALON

AVALON is an Unreal Engine 5 Game Cinematic that was completed during the last 4 months of our 2nd year at The University of Hertfordshire. I was responsible for creating game-ready assets that would be used in conjunction with aspects of a modular kit to produce the environment that the cinematic takes place in. I took these assets from concept, right through to the final result. I was also responsible for layout and composition as well as the creation of materials and shaders inside of Unreal Engine.

Lighting by : Diana Karakushyan

Hero by : Charlie Shrehorn-Middleton 

Game-Ready FAL for an ARMA III Mod 

I was tasked with modelling a game-ready FAL model to be used in a mod for ARMA III. The kitbash format for the project allowed for fast and simple creation of the different variants desired by the modding team. The model also needed to stay at a lower polycount than anticipated to run smoothly within the mod and the Real Virtuality 4 engine.

Game-Ready BMW R9T Motorbike Build

The BMW R9T Scrambler that I have modelled is a custom, after-market style-build featuring a different fuel tank, exhaust, tyres, wheels, headlights, mirrors etc. All of which are inspired by real world parts that can be obtained from various manufacturers. My aim for this model was to create a vehicle that was optimised for a third-person videogame.

I decided to follow Naughty Dog's workflow to optimise my UVs and textures for this project. I split the model into 5 UV sets with different resolutions, allowing me to keep the resolution budget low by choosing which sections of the bike would need more resolution.

I also wrote an 80.Level article on my process for this project. 

External Resources Used: - Some Modular Environment Pieces - Sound Effects

Quixel Megascans - Some Environment Props

Epidemic Sounds - Some Sound Effects

Easy Fog by William Faucher - Fog Cards

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