One curious step

One curious step

by kevinle0504 on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My first step into the journey of self exploration through color and light.

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The Golden Hour

One of the earlier piece in my journey. The scene reminds me of the memory of tea and bake goods at our cozy home. 

I filled the scene  with the memory of childhood to young adult hood, including my dream of exploring space, my favourite milk my mom used to make for me, and the memory of me and my girlfriend being together in New Zealand. 

I also populate the scene with tiny dogs as a fun easter eggs hunt too. 

Shiba Soldier

A project I done while learning Zbrush. The premise is that a mixture between innocence and violence at the same time, just like inside every human. 

No matter where the world brings you to, stay innocence, stay curious.

Te Tauaarangi o Aotearoa _ Warrior of the Sky 

New Zealand Air Force

A stylised World War 2 Fighter I done with the paint job of New Zealand Air Force. Thanks this amazing country for the 5 years journey of growing out of my old shell and become the man I am today.

BL 15-inch howitzer _ Western Front 1915-1918

Last but not least, my love for World War 1 genre and its gruesome atmosphere which was the most brutal war of mankind and we also saw the transition of middle age military to modern age.

 Only 12 of these howitzer were ever produced and none of them remained until now. 

Special thanks to:

Christopher Desse for being my close mentor for these artworks 
Max Dayan for helping me the first baby steps on this journey.

Jagat Patel for being a great friend and aiding me with Shiba Soldier work

Great concepts from Christian Pearce, MZM

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