Nat's Adventure

Nat's Adventure

Natalie Tran
by NatalieTran on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello there! It seems like you have stumbled upon my submission. I'm currently a student at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, where I learn things to make my imaginations come true. Welcome to my Adventurer's Lair!

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An Adventurer's Lair

A secretively secret room where one stores their most valued items and treasures.

Come, rest, and continue on your grand dungeon conquest!

Artwork inspired by @navigavi on Twitter

Inspiration & Moodboard

This was my first real-time project created to learn Unreal Engine 5.1. So to test the waters I wanted to create a smaller scale environment, like a room perhaps. And it just so happens that i love RPG games, then I thought, why not make a room in a dungeon? And voila!

The gun was modeled after Silver-mounted Wilson Flintlock Pistols.


I wanted the scene to have a painterly baroque aesthetic, and the look-development tools in Unreal 5.1 enabled me to do just that.

With some decent lighting and the use of Post process volume, I was able to able to do some real-time trickery and achieve the look I want.

Behold the power of Unreal 5.1 Post Process Volume, and Lumens !

It was also my first experience working in Substance Painter and Substance Designer. There were many struggles to get used to the texturing workflow and I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without the help of my amazing instructor Tran Ma.

Responsible for all aspects except foliage and books.

Modeling: Maya 2022 | Texturing: Substance Painter, Substance Designer | Groom: Yeti | Rendering: Vray, Unreal Engine 5.1 | Compositing: Nuke

Special thank you to all the friends and family that supported me during this project!

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