Menuet Lucas 1st year of Game Art.Different projects in visual creation for video games.

Menuet Lucas 1st year of Game Art.Different projects in visual creation for video games.

by LucasMenuet on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here is my entry for the competition that brings together several projects during my first year of study at Game Academy.

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For a first group project, we had to do pre-production to align with the artistic direction. The future game would be a point-and-click game inspired by the game "LUNA Shadow of the Dust".

For the next part, it's about a game design document for the game "Sky Mechanics". This action shooter game is being developed by two people, including a programmer. I learned Illustrator to create the visuals for the game, and I really enjoyed discovering this software. I chose to use the theme of pirates, drawing inspiration from the movie "Treasure Planet"

This video is a trailer for the game "Sky Mechanics". I used Premiere Pro and learned video content creation for it. I find the beginning a bit long, but producing this trailer really helped me improve my skills in using the software.

Afterwards, I worked on character design, resulting in the selection of a character that I had to illustrate on an animated wallpaper, which would then be integrated at the end of a 30-second trailer.

On the same character, my instructor asked me to create a turn around of the character as well as a 2D proposal for a figurine of the character.It was very interesting to see my character from a different perspective.

This 30-second trailer is better executed, I believe, than the previous one and has allowed me to validate certain skills I have acquired.

For the next part, it is my end-of-year exam where I had to create a fakescreen of a pixel art game in a futuristic medieval anachronistic artistic direction, drawing inspiration from the game "Enter the Gungeon" and the animated series "Adventure Time"

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