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My 2023 journey so far - Gwyneth N. Skehan

My 2023 journey so far - Gwyneth N. Skehan

Gwyneth Niamh Skehan
by GrizzlyGwen on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My final piece I created at Gnomon before graduating. Thank you all for the support. More work coming soon!

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Hello! My name is Gwyneth Niamh Skehan and I am an environment and prop artist based in Los Angeles.

I have been honing my skills as a 3D artist since 2020, and have long enjoyed the intricacies of environment and prop artistry in the games industry. My specialization lies in realistic, high fantasy, dark, imaginative environments.

"Wrong Turn" Original Concept 

After completing my first pass of modeling, I placed my first round of textures in order to understand the lighting adjustments I would need to achieve the apocalyptic atmosphere that NaughtyDog provides. I was able to create all of my tileable textures in Substance Designer.

Thank you for checking it out, more to come in the future! 

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