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The Present

The Present

When John, a middle-aged man, can’t buy a memory for himself and his wife, they become painfully aware of the dull nature of their reality.

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The Present

Rekindle the moment.

In a post-pandemic world where memories are bought instead of made, John and his wife Julia spend their evenings engrossed in experiencing other people’s memories – allowing the memories' vibrancy to give life to a dull existence. One day, John picks up a memory from the global conglomerate, MemCorp, only to find that all the memories are sold out. He returns home empty handed and he and Julia find themselves painfully aware of the dull nature of their existence. Through a series of humorous events, Julia and John find joy in their reality and realise that living other people’s memories had prevented them from making their own.

Theme: Connection

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A multitude of gratitude: Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey.

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