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Spacewalk and Gorilla Park

Spacewalk and Gorilla Park

by julianapenteado on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

These were 2 student projects I worked on while studying at Think Tank Training Online. 'Spacewalk' is based on a real photo of an astronaut at the International Space Station. 'Gorilla Park' was based on a concept illustration by Brandon Dorman. It's a 3D recreation of the artwork.

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This piece was created as a student work for Think Tank online.

Our goal was to pick a subject of interest and re-create it in 3D, going through modelling, UVs, sculpting and finally texturing.

I chose to do an astronaut as I thought it would be a good challenge and mix between modelling hard surfaces and also sculpting fabric, with a lot of details that I had to pay attention to.

I wanted to make something as accurate as possible to a real spacesuit, including some of the equipment. I went through NASA's database of images carefully to grab as much reference for the many tools and details of the suit. I used one main image as reference, it was a photo of astronaut Greg Chamitoff during a spacewalk to perform maintenance on the International Space Station.

I started off by modelling everything on Maya. Then I took the model to ZBrush to sculpt everything that had folds/stitches/bends. There's a lot of the equipment that is covered in fabric and a lot of stitching that had to be done to represent the real suit.

There is a mission patch at the front that represents the one from my main referenced image, and all other patches are used in most missions.

All the texturing was done using Substance Painter.

The project was done in just over 4 weeks and I really enjoyed working on it! A few final images are below, and some other ones of the process as well.

These images are BPR renders straight from ZBrush, after I was done with the sculpting.

Here is the main image I used as reference, and also a few of the other ones that helped me to model the tools and equipment. There were several images I referenced to make sure the details were right. Some of the comparison images are below.

Gorilla Park

This was the first project I worked on for Think Tank Online.

The goal was to pick a 2D concept and then create a 3D version of it.

My choice was an illustration from Brandon Dorman. 

I was looking for a concept that had a variety of objects/shapes/textures so I could practice different skills on the same project. This one caught my attention, and I loved the colours and fantasy feel it had.

All the modelling was done in Maya, sculpted on Mudbox, textured on Mari and Substance Painter.

This was an earlier version without textures, and to test some of the main light coming through.

The first image is the original concept by Brandon Dorman. The others were renders that I took while progressing through the project and testing different lights.

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