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Una Markovic - Stylized Prop and Environment Collection

Una Markovic - Stylized Prop and Environment Collection

Una Markovic
by UnaMarkovic on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My collection of stylized 3D Props and Environments! Created over the past year, these artworks showcase my expertise in modeling, texturing, sculpting, and crafting real-time environments.

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Elf Tree Diorama

Elf Tree diorama is a small real-time environment I made for my final university thesis. My goal with this project was to learn Unreal Engine so I could bring the scene to life. I've learned a lot about blueprints, foliage, different shaders and material setups, and many more fun things.

My approach to this scene was to blockout and model low-poly in Maya, make a high-poly in Zbrush, and texture in Substance Painter and Photoshop. Butterflies were made and animated in Maya. After I was happy with the models, I moved on to Unreal Engine 5, where I added the finishing touches such as foliage, water, and particles, and rendered out my scene.

Gnome-made Goods Shop

Moving onto my entry for the last year's  "Dragon's Rise: The Forgotten Realms" ArtStation Challenge, I have made four props based on the concepts from Jenny Brozek and Lara D'Adda. This was so far the biggest prop and the one I had most fun working on. Behold the Gnome made Goods Shop!


Enchants Podium

Enchants Podium is one of my favorite props that I worked on because it has a mystical, fantasy feel to it. My end goal was to capture the essence of the concept (by Lara D’Adda) as best as I could.

Modeled with Maya, sculpted high-poly in Zbrush, textured with 3D Coat and Photoshop, and rendered inside Marmoset. The sphere is using the same shader as the ghost from Shaman Staff.


The Enchanted Wand

I made this asset to practise modeling organic forms and also work on weapons. The concept itself caught my eye almost immediately because it reminded me of the staves I saw in my favourite games. 


Shaman Staff

This staff was a very fun piece to work on, especially the wooden stand that has many bends and branches. I wanted to treat the stand as a whole object, and model it as a one piece.

Modeled blockout in Maya, high-poly sculpt in Zbrush and textured with 3DCoat and Photoshop. The ghost and its accompanying shapes use a simple Diffuse texture and a custom Fresnel shader in Marmoset, which is mixed with the base color and creates a transparent and glowy effect. Rendered in Marmoset.


Thank you for your time!

You can find me on Artstation and LinkedIn. :)

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