Jiawei Esther Liu - King Arthur

Jiawei Esther Liu - King Arthur

Esther Jiawei Liu
by karack1871 on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Jiawei Esther Liu and I'm sharing my graduation portfolio at Syn Studio :) This IP is a reimagination of the Disney's 1963 animation The Sword in the Stone, and it's about a bunch of punk/goth kids traveling down to hell, fighting demons, and trying to get the all mighty excalibur.

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First is my main character Arthur, he was dead but then resurrected by Merlin, and possessed by the former demon king. Due to his unfortunate past, now he has some demon organs & many autopsy scars & magic powers.

Arthur uses two swords and he has a shoulder armor made of hell dragon spines, and his cape is actually something similar to the hybrid of spider webs and veins which can stick to walls.

Next is Lady Lamorak, she is a Chinese shaman and the main DPS in the Round Table Knights. She keeps many magical weasels as pets and they are her main power sources.

Her look was first inspired by the female squirrel in The Sword in the Stone, so I decided to give her the tooth gap and the animal ears like hairstyle.

Now here is Merlin, he is a very mysterious (even suspicious) guy and the leader of the entire Round Table Knights, he does a lot of science/religious not morally acceptable experiments in his basement.

I got inspiration from biblically accurate angels for his design, and because he messes with dark magic he gets very bad dark circles under his eyes.

Warning: the next section contains horror and gore stuffs.

So...... in this section of my portfolio, I decided to created horror related designs because I've been a big fan of horror movies since the age of 5.

Now introducing Madam Mim, she is the unofficial Queen of Hell, and also, the guardian of Excalibur. I like to watch fashion runways so I decided to design some big dress made of flesh and bones. The shapes were inspired by the 90s John Galliano and Thierry Mugler designs, they are my heroes :)

This is the monster form of Madam Mim, and it's the final boss the main characters have to fight in the end. It was inspired by the works of body horrors of David Cronenberg, manga of Junji Ito, Bloodborne, Silent Hill, Resident Evil....etc


Introducing Round Table Knights' car. Since it's punk style, I made a lot of flashy prints and stickers. :)

Here is the all mighty Excalibur, and it requires a lot of sacrifice to borrow its power. Here in my story Arthur gave his heart to Excalibur and made it the main source to feed the sword.

Excalibur has two parts: the human sword and the demon sword, and when you merge them together, it becomes more powerful but has a small attack speed.

Madam Mim's throne, she has a sculpture of herself on the throne because she is a narcissist :P The design was inspired by Baroque church organs.

Finally here's a piece of environmen I did for this IP, it's Merlin's cabin in the wood where he did creepy experiments in the basement, and there are many deformed angels he created outside the house to guard the place.


I had a lot of fun designing everything and creating lores for my IP and I really appreciate anyone who reads till the end!!

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