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Emanuel Axelsson
by emanuelaxelsson on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Emanuel Axelsson UI / everything else. Before coming to Futuregames I expressed myself with watercolor and pixel art. Now in school I´m trying out everything, but the one thing i hope for the most is to become a UI artist. Here are some projects from school. enjoy :)

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UI concept for display

The display acts like a companion, telling you stories or hints while you progress through the game. It speaks with text and emojis.

Exploring color variations.

How it should fit
Just a super simple explanation to the 3D artist. and it was all he wanted. 


The Idea was to learn Adobe Illustrator while creating super cute stuff that would fit into the mobile game industry.

Now following a chapter on Characters and Environmental concepts

The first character on the list, is a beloved bringer of death. 

Thank Emma Watson for lending me her chin. 

Sir Flower knight,  The protector of tower

One of the first School project we had. 

The "game" was about a enchanted knight who would protect his witches tower.
and the ones he would protect it from was lumberjacks. 

"The Sleigh project" was a lot of fun,
Sadly the time was pore  

My idea was to create a action stretcher for a version of Battlefield. 

Environmental concept for Brutalism meets art deco

The significance of bashing for quick results

The following four images are of no relation to the other, save from finding a workflow that saves time.
Exploring, having fun and creating. That is what I'm doing here.  

Thank you for watching!
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