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Vivien Siemers - Stylized Concept Art

Vivien Siemers - Stylized Concept Art

Vivien Siemers
by VivienSiemers on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hey! I'm Vivien, aspiring 2D/3D Character and Prop artist. Currently studying Game Graphics Production at Howest DAE If you are looking for some colorful stylized concept art, here you go!

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Vivien's Stylized Concept Art for Games

Hey! I'm Vivien, aspiring 2D/3D props and character artist. I am currently studying game graphics production at Howset DAE and I can't wait to get the opportunity to dive into the instustry!

The Moray-Eel Doctor | Concept Art

The first project I would like to show is The Moray-Eel Doctor. The idea of this projects is to create a character without showing the character itself. Instead, we see the tools and gadgets that the character would use. 

But would they work in 3D?

Yes, they would! For me, it is important that my concepts are easily translatable in 3D. To put my concepts into practice, I've also sculpted them in Zbrush!

The Lava Lamp Shopkeeper | Concept Art

This clumsy fella is part of another project of mine. The character is a Frilled Neck Lizard with a passion for Lava Lamps. Due to his heat-proofe nature, he crafts his lava lamps with sulfuric liquids coming from the volcanos around the corner. His motto: "Lava lamps with REAL Lava"!

The whole project is inspired by the Crash Bandicoot artstyle.

Since this project is based on the Crash Banicoot Artstyle, I first created an additional artstyle guide where I analyzed the Crash Bandicoot artstyle. After studying the shape language and the colors I applied it on my own work!

The Gungan Bounty Hunter | Concept Art

A bit of a smaller Project, but still a fun one! Meet my Gungan, a bounty hunter specialized hunting near the coasts and swamps of Naboo.

2D or 3D? The Hand-Painted Axe 

A bit of an oldie, but I still quite like it! Have a look at this low-poly hand-painted axe I designed

Who doesn't love some nice splash arts ? | Illustration

Of course, like alot 2D artists, we love looking at those flashy splash arts. So I decited to try it myself, featuring one of my personal favorite League of Legends champs! 

Thank you for looking at my work! Hope you had fun! 

If you liked my work, make sure to take a peak at my Artstation! There you can find some more work that I wasn't able to showcase today such as stylized game-ready character models.


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