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Jasmine Liu | Game Art Projects | 2023

Jasmine Liu | Game Art Projects | 2023

Jasmine Liu
by merrysumiko on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello, I am a 3D Environment Artist and here are some projects that I have worked on during my time on the Masters at Escape Studios. These demonstrate the usage of modelling, texturing, level design, blueprints, FX and showcasing them. There are full breakdowns of the projects linked alongside.

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One of the first projects I started working on was creating a top-down game level environment. For this, I chose a Chinese restaurant that you may see in the UK which paid hommage to my British Chinese background.

This project had limit of 300k tris, needed to be low poly, 1k textures and playable on mobile. I achieved all of this with a tri-count of 270k.

Project Link with Breakdowns:

Another project I worked on was a diorama of an ancient Chinese alchemist workroom. This project focused on creating more detailed assets and to bake high poly models onto low polys.

The hero asset for this was the central furnace where the high poly was sculpted in Zbrush and baked onto the low poly that I had retopologised.

Something new that I tried was using Niagara for some subtle dust particles and having an advanced material to create a smoke effect.

Project Link with Breakdown:

In this project, I was more fully focused on the FX elements of the environment and creating the final cinematic. All assets apart from the central yin-yang stone can be found on the UE Marketplace.

It was a big learning curve as this was the first time I had fully focused my attention on FX and how to create them, as well as showcasing a cinematic that "tells a story".

Project Link with Breakdown:

A big thank you to the teachers who have helped me in these projects and to the people who had given me feedback to improve along the way! Looking forward to creating and learning more in future projects.

And thank you for scrolling :)

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